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August 12, 2014

Why People Can’t Stop Using Drugs Without Help

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How many times do people experiment with drugs and believe they can stop when they want? Society believes these people lack willpower and self-control. The saddest part of that thinking causes people to not seek treatment. They believe they are weak and there is no hope. So they try to quit, they really do. They tell themselves and their loved ones they want to quit and this was their last fix.

They may last a day, a week or even longer, but something happens and they go back to drinking, injecting or snorting. Why?

1. The cravings are too strong and they believe their only release from the tremors, hallucinations, paranoia, severe headaches and other side effects is to start using again and they are right. The minute they are high the symptoms go away.

2. They manage to overcome the withdrawal symptoms but run into their drug buddy and peer pressure leads them back to using.

You are out of control and need help.

August 11, 2014

You want to quit drinking

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You have headache, you argued with your boss or your spouse or your parents about your drinking. You want to stop, you promise it almost everyday and sometimes you really try to stop. You quit for almost a month one time, but started drinking again.

You keep repeating the cycle, you start missing work or coming in late. You miss classes at school or fail to turn in your assignment. You passed out and your baby is crying in the next room or your toddler is entertaining himself or herself. You drive while intoxicated because you have control and can manage driving home. These dangerous behaviors sometimes helps motivate people to stop drinking, but they start drinking again.

Your spouse packs up the children and they move out. You are fired from your job. You swerve to miss an oncoming car and hit a tree instead. You are out of control and losing everything. All because you are an alcoholic. You are not a bad person, you are an alcoholic and you need help.

July 21, 2014

Cell Phones and . . . .

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I’ve seen women, mothers with toddlers and babies in the back seat, smoking (which is stupid and selfish) and holding a soda in their left hand, texting with their right hand and guiding their van with their knee going 70 miles an hour on the expressway.

I’ve attempted to shop with women, yes all women, holding up the line or blocking an aisle because they are talking on their telephone while shopping for groceries. If they were heart surgeons and discussing a patient, I would certainly understand, but they are not. Sometimes I hear people talking about what they did the night before and other trivial conversations.

I’ve been in public restrooms where women are talking on the phone while in the stall!! I flush on purpose more than once just to let the person on the other end of the call know where their fellow friend is while talking to them.

Couples in restaurants not talking to each other but with a cell phone glued to their ear.

I am glad I am a baby boomer. I know I have more years behind me than in front of me. I’m not sure I could live my life where people never focus on where they are or who they are with, but more interested in what is happening on facebook or some other trivial nonsense.


July 14, 2014

Drug Addiction

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Ok, you are using drugs or someone you loves is always drunk or high. First you need to accept that they have a brain disease. The first use was by choice but the poisonous toxins in drugs and alcohol cause the brain to crave more. It seems illogical but drug addiction isn’t any different than cancer. When someone has cancer they meet with one or more doctors to determine the best treatment plan. Addiction treatment is the same thing.

Do not let the lack of money or insurance be an excuse. If you continue using drugs you will develop cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, liver damage and heart disease. Treatment for these illnesses is far more costly than rehab.

Don’t be upset if someone cannot just stop using. The power of the drugs is unimaginable and the cravings are powerful. There is only one answer, professional treatment.

June 1, 2014

Heroin Addict

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My brother left his heroin addict girlfriend for the third time. Something keeps pulling him back into the dysfunction known as drug addiction. He said everyone in the neighborhood uses heroin, it is only $25 for a fix. One OxyContin pill is $60. I’ll share more on this blog but for this first post about heroin addiction, I wanted to get two points across:

A New Bottle

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How much of my life were you around.
There were no good mornings,
Nurturing hugs, or words of comfort,
But you had a new bottle.

I wasn’t daddy’s little girl,
I was just a person taking up space.
My clothes were hand-me-downs,
But you had a new bottle.

Dinner Time wasn’t a family gathering,
You were usually drunk and threw your food on the ceiling.
Mom struggled to put food on the table,
But you had a new bottle.

At nights when all should be quite,
The monsters would steal my peace,
I cried myself to sleep.
But you had a new bottle.

May 22, 2014


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Two years ago my life began to change.
The journey has been difficult,
But I am a survivor.
Searching for two years
I like what I have found.
I am special.
I am finally able to acknowledge my good qualities.
It has taken two years of mental anguish,
Self-confessions and a willingness to change.
Today my inner self is at peace.
I have taken this journey one day at a time.
I know I will always be traveling
But I am able to handle it.
Thank you Judy and Greg for firing me.
I am a healthier person for it.
Although the road was turbulent at best,
It was one of the best things that
Ever happened to me.

March 22, 2014

What Do I Give You For Christmas

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You told me my secrets would set me free
And I will like the real me
Whenever I wanted to quit
You practically had a fit
So what do I give you for Christmas

My compulsive behavior tells me to shop
You would be so mad you’d almost pop
I would buy a pair of gloves to warm your hands
Or books with stories of far off lands
So what do I give you for Christmas

I cannot express how much you mean to me
But without you how would my life be
I share my secrets and my fears
And sat in your office full of tears
So what do I give you for Christmas

I ask it over and over again
I know I’ll give you my heart to mend
Thank you Carolyn for all that you give
You’ve given me strength to want to live

There Once Was a Little Girl

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There once was a little girl
Who lived in a big white house
Converted from a barn
It had four large rooms
And dark inside
Outside the sun was shining bright
As she watched through the window
The little girl had big blue eyes
And dark brown hair
She was quite shy and afraid
She cried most of the time
But everyone else was laughing
Even though they teased her
She was afraid to go outside
She didn’t have any friends
They would leave her anyway
She was terrified of policeman
And clergymen
Yet she wanted them to love her
Dreaming they would take her away
Adopt this sad little girl
Or at least come to rescuer her
Those fantasies and dreams were her life
And helped her survive
The only problem is
No one ever came

February 22, 2014

Making a Choice

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Nervousness, sadness and cold sweats
Anxiety attacks, fear of failure
Letting everyone down
All of this without drugs or alcohol

Calmness, sedated and placid
Brings potential trouble
Too vocal and outspoken
Thanks to prescription drugs

Jovial and perky, but a bit loony
Everyone likes happy go lucky
But it always comes to an end
The alcohol or drugs wear off

Addiction, escape and spiraling out of control
The repercussions outweigh any benefits
But the relief salvaged is comforting
Compounding the dilemma and tarnishing my judgment

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