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August 28, 2015

Watching someone you love drink

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Imagine someone you love dearly is watching you while you drink. Here is what they see:

Daddy came home from work late today. Mommy is mad at him and they are yelling. He tells her to get off his back, his job is hard and he needed a few drinks to unwind. Daddy missed my first dance recital and he promised he would be there. I kept looking in the audience but the chair next to Mommy was empty. I don’t understand why Daddy doesn’t love me.

Tears fall on my pillow. Mommy told me Daddy had to work late and that is why he didn’t come. I finally fall asleep while Mommy and Daddy yell.

When I wake up, Daddy is still in bed. I jump on his bed and tell him good morning. He tells me to go away he has a headache and doesn’t feel good, so I leave him alone.

I hear Mommy calling Daddy’s work telling his boss Daddy is sick and won’t be at work today. Poor Daddy, that is why he missed my recital, he was sick. I love my Daddy. I hope he feels good tonight because I am going to surprise him and dance for him before dinner.

When I get home from school Daddy isn’t home even though he missed work today. Daddy doesn’t come home after work and it is my bed time. Mommy said tomorrow is Saturday so I can show him my dance then.

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