Ponder This

August 27, 2015

Daddy Drinks

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Last night Momma and Daddy didn’t yell. At breakfast both of them are in a really good mood. I skip to the bus because I am so happy. Momma was smiling this morning. I have so much fun at school today, my Daddy isn’t sick and my Momma feels good. When I get off the bus, I see a police car in our driveway. Momma and Daddy’s cars are in the driveway too. Mrs. Jones is standing in our yard motioning for me to go to her.

I start crying and asking what is wrong. Is Daddy sick? Is Momma sick? She tells me everything is going to be all right but I need to stay at her house until somebody comes and gets me. I won’t let me play outside. I stay in her house and look out the window at my house.

The policeman is bringing Daddyē out. His hands are behind his back. They push his head down and make him sit in the back seat of the police car. What did my Daddy do? Why are the police taking my Daddy away, where is my Momma? Mrs. Jones wants me to eat but I don’t want to, I want to go home. I want Momma.

Somebody rings Mrs. Jones’ doorbell. It’s a lady with a clipboard. She whispers to Mrs. Jones in the doorway and Mrs. Jones points to me. The lady comes in smiling and talking softly. She says I have to go with her and that Momma is in the hospital. Why is Momma in the hospital? She doesn’t answer me. She takes me to a house with lots of people in it, I think it is an orphanage. What is happening?

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