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August 24, 2015

Cell Phones, iPads and More

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I’m driving 70 miles an hour on an interstate. I pass a van driving  and look over. A young mother is on her cell phone, holding a coke in her other hand and steering with her knee. Oh and she had children in the back seat.

Another time I’m on the expressway and notice ahead of me a car with the drive leaning so far to his right holding talking on his cell phone, with about 10 cars trying to pass him, he was driving so slow, oblivious of the anything but the telephone call.

I’m in Macy’s enjoying a leisurely day and notice a women on her cell phone discussing where she went to dinner the night before.

I’m in a restaurant on a Saturday evening and more people are on their phone than not.

Why is everything so urgent? Why do these people have to talk on their phone all the time? When did everything become NOW, even stupid things like what you ate for dinner the night before or what time you got up this morning?

The days of true leisure and relaxing are now replaced with cell phones other electronics . I cannot talk with some people without them constantly looking at their phone, for fear they miss a Facebook posting of a joke or something stupid. No one lives in the moment, enjoys a meal and children are not playing outside. They are on their ipads and other electronics. Someone said his 16-year-old son isn’t interested in getting his driver’s license because he plays games with his friends remotely, they are not in a room together. Children are not learning social skills and how to interact with people because they stare at a device 24/7.

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