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August 22, 2014

Daddy hurt Momma

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Daddy hurt my Momma and is in jail. Momma is in the hospital. I heard people whispering and I was hiding so I could hear what they were saying. I don’t know why Daddy hurts Momma. It must be because he drinks. Why does Daddy drink? Why does he hurt my Momma?

For anyone following my blog, I have been writing from a child’s perspective when one parents drinks and physically abuses the other parent. The child can’t sleep, can’t stay awake in school, fails to learn and the child suffers but no one speaks up for the child. The teachers, the school nurse and the next door neighbor know but do not say anything. The non drinking parent is an enabler and is just as guilty as the drunk.

Addiction causes horrific consequences. This story is about a father than drinks, but there are parents using drugs and neglecting their children. I will continue to share stories and facts about addiction because someone has to speak up for the children of drug addicts and drunks.

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