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August 20, 2014

Daddy drinks and Momma cries

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Addiction from a child’s point of view:

I am so confused. I am a little girl but I think drinking is bad. Daddy is meaner when he drinks. Sometimes Daddy stays home from work because he is sick. I hear Momma call his boss and she always says he has a stomach problem. I ask Momma if I can stay home with Daddy I am so tired. She said I have to go to school and she has to go to work.

She is putting lots of makeup on her face. I bet she is trying to hide the bruises on her face where Daddy hits her. I catch the bus and when I get to school I ask to go the nurse’s office but my teacher said no, I’m missing too much class time. I try to pay attention but I don’t feel good. I probably have what Daddy has, Momma said he had a stomach problem.

When my bus stops in front of my house, Momma’s car isn’t in the driveway but Daddy’s is.. Mrs. Jones, the lady next door is standing in my driveway. She said Momma called her and asked her to watch me until she gets home. I play in Mrs. Jones yard, she doesn’t tell me why I can’t go home since my Daddy is there. When Momma comes home she tells me to say goodbye to Mrs. Jones and come home. I wonder what it will be like tonight?


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