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August 19, 2014

My Daddy hits my Momma

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Addiction from a child’s perspective

Daddy hit Momma again. I was sleepy at school and asked my teacher if I could go see the nurse. I sleep on the cot in the nurses office until she woke me to tell me it was time to catch the school bus. I must have slept all day. When I get off the bus I see Momma and Daddy’s cars. I open the door so it doesn’t make any noise. I’m afraid. I hear Momma and Daddy laughing in the kitchen.

Momma sees me and tells me to come have a snack. She said the nurse called her. She’s sorry I didn’t feel good. No one says anything about Daddy’s drinking or hitting Momma last night.

I play outside until dinner time then I play in my room. I go to bed and in the middle of the night I hear yelling. Momma is yelling at Daddy that he promised he was going to stop drinking. He tells her to shut up and says some bad words. I can’t sleep again. I’m so tired. I don’t understand why Daddy drinks and breaks promises to Momma. I know he is hitting her but this time I don’t go check. I put my pillow over my ear but don’t sleep. When I get to school I go back to the nurse again. I can’t keep my eyes open at school. I am so tired. Why does Daddy keep hitting Momma? Why does he drink that smelly stuff? My teachers and the nurse don’t ask me why I’m so tired. Momma keeps telling me it’s our secret and it is a game they play and I can’t tell anyone.

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