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August 12, 2014

Why People Can’t Stop Using Drugs Without Help

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How many times do people experiment with drugs and believe they can stop when they want? Society believes these people lack willpower and self-control. The saddest part of that thinking causes people to not seek treatment. They believe they are weak and there is no hope. So they try to quit, they really do. They tell themselves and their loved ones they want to quit and this was their last fix.

They may last a day, a week or even longer, but something happens and they go back to drinking, injecting or snorting. Why?

1. The cravings are too strong and they believe their only release from the tremors, hallucinations, paranoia, severe headaches and other side effects is to start using again and they are right. The minute they are high the symptoms go away.

2. They manage to overcome the withdrawal symptoms but run into their drug buddy and peer pressure leads them back to using.

You are out of control and need help.

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