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August 11, 2014

You want to quit drinking

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You have headache, you argued with your boss or your spouse or your parents about your drinking. You want to stop, you promise it almost everyday and sometimes you really try to stop. You quit for almost a month one time, but started drinking again.

You keep repeating the cycle, you start missing work or coming in late. You miss classes at school or fail to turn in your assignment. You passed out and your baby is crying in the next room or your toddler is entertaining himself or herself. You drive while intoxicated because you have control and can manage driving home. These dangerous behaviors sometimes helps motivate people to stop drinking, but they start drinking again.

Your spouse packs up the children and they move out. You are fired from your job. You swerve to miss an oncoming car and hit a tree instead. You are out of control and losing everything. All because you are an alcoholic. You are not a bad person, you are an alcoholic and you need help.

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