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December 15, 2011

Five stages of grief over losing a pet

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In yesterday’s post I shared my sadness over losing Bella and Nikolas. Today I’m sharing the five stages of grief.

Denial – This can’t be happening to me/my pet!

Anger – Why me? This isn’t fair!

Bargaining – If I could just have more time, find the best cure, do something to change the outcome.

Depression – The grief and sadness can be overwhelming.

Acceptance – My pet is now in a better place.

Sometimes just recognizing that these emotions are “normal” help people to work through their grief. If the grief just feels too intense or too overwhelming to know what to do next, here are some resources to help.

I am sure most people have heard the old saying that “time heals all wounds.” I don’t know if I can say that time totally heals, but time definitely helps. Be easy on yourself, allow yourself to grieve and experience all the related (and sometimes confusing) emotions, and reach out to family and friends for support.

For some people it is important to not make a rush decision to get another pet;  that plan could backfire and instead of helping, the person may experience resentment over the demands of a new pet. For others, having the demands of a new pet may be just what is needed to take the focus to something new and positive. Neither plan is the “correct” plan — it is what works best for you, your feelings, and your lifestyle. It is important to listen to yourself and not feel “guilty” about getting a new pet or not.

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